The tally on the Media Center Chairs 
12 done…..
7 to go…..
I LOVE the way the finished chairs look….
I HATE that there are 7 to go….
One of the things about Sweetwater Style that you might not know….I sometimes lose my focus on jobs that go on and on and on…..
Case in point….the lower level woodwork painting that I started in June….I still have 2 windows and 2 baseboards to finish….
But since finishing these chairs is sort of public….I WILL finish!
But now for the FUNNY story!

Last weekend, I really buckled down and finished 3 chairs….

That meant that in order to get them to school I would have to drive the “BAT”…(big a** truck)!
I HATE to drive the BAT!
I convinced Mr. S. to help me take them in to school on Sunday afternoon!
That way we could take the remaining unfinished chairs home…..all in one trip….
So that is just what we did!
Turns out that we almost got arrested!
I found out that even though my key card allows me entry to the school on Sunday….
If you go into the building on Sunday…..
It sets off the ALARM….
Which calls the police!
But the stealthy team of Mr. and Mrs. Sweetwater were so speedy… 
Bringing good looking updated furniture IN…
Taking ugly outdated furniture OUT….
That we were GONE before the cops could catch us!
BUT….they caught it ALL on surveillance….which gave my principal and the custodians a good laugh!
Maybe we can star in a new series…..Undercover Recoverers!
Anyway….here is a shot of the new chairs in my office!
My goal this weekend?
  • finish 3 more chairs 
  • Try to avoid arrest 

What lofty goal do YOU have!