I guess when you work in a school surrounded by germs….
it is bound to get you once in a while…

I have the crud….not bad….but bad enough!

And I really hate it when this happens on the weekend!

So here is the plan!
I am going to “use what I’ve got” and take some ME time!

A nice warm bath with the Easy Moisturizing Bath Soak….is bound to help!


My trusty Kindle is loaded with some great books….
Here is the post about how to make that cute Kindle Cover!

Our county library now lets you check out Kindle books!

The librarian in me really didn’t like having to actually buy books….now I can “go to the library” in my jammies!

I am reading a new book by Gail Godwin…..
“Unfinished Desires”…
If you don’t know this author…she is fabulous and has many wonderful titles.

Then I am turning on the fire….

Curling up under my Cozy “Fur” Throw…..
With the comfy pillow made from a sweater….

A little tea and honey….

Some crackers and a little chicken soup!

 Hope it works….

0 comments on “Taking Some ME Time!

  1. NanaDiana

    Oh, Mary! I am sorry that you are a bit under the weather. I hope all of your pampering plans come true. Around here? Never happens! xo Diana

  2. Grammy Goodwill

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Kathleen

    I taught for 33 years so I hear you! Now i get it from the little gkids…achoo all over you! 🙂
    Hope you feel better soon!