Were you wondering if Mr. S read my “No ROSES”post?
Were you wondering if he said “the heck with her….if she is getting demanding about the kind of flowers she wants…..maybe I just won’t bother!”?

Well….on Monday when I got home from work there were THREE bunches of grocery store flowers on the counter….just waiting to be arranged….
Mr. S said the woman at the store kept trying to convince him to buy something fancier…or at least wrap them up….but he stayed strong and true to his mission!!!

 I had fun making the arrangements….I think they are wonderful….as is Mr. S. for listening….Thanks!

One for the Kitchen Island….because we see this the most!

One for the family room…..

And….one for my office at school!

We saw a fabulous play last night at the Guthrie!

“The End of the Rainbow”
It was more than poignant to see the parallels between Judy Garland and Whitney Houston!
Maybe it is better NOT to be famous!
Lucky for me that is a goal I can achieve!
Happy Thursday Everyone!

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