This post is really a sneaky way to send a message to Mr. S!
I hope it is not too late!

It is only 2 days until Valentine’s Day!
About Valentine Flowers….hint hint!
….Don’t send me roses!

….I mean it….

They cost too much….especially at Valentine’s Day
They don’t last very long!

Seriously….have YOU SEEN the price of roses?
One of my favorite florists is Arts and Flowers in St. Louis Park, (MN)….they do the most amazing and unique arrangements….truly eye candy!  
But….they are charging $85 for an arrangement of a dozen roses! Yikes!

Mr. S…if you are reading this!

You know I REALLY like flowers!

No….I LOVE flowers!
I don’t EXPECT flowers….hmmmm?
but….if you DO want to DO flowers…..
Here are some alternatives to ROSES!
The Grocery Store has wonderful flowers!  And the prices are more than reasonable!

 See…you could probably buy 3 or 4 different bunches for less than half of what having a dozen roses delivered would cost!

 What about some Gerbera Daisies?

 Or some Astromeria….they last forever!
 Some Spider Mums might be nice!
 And you might want to get some greenery so the arrangements will look as fancy as the ones from the Florist Shop!

 Then….I could have the joy of making the arrangements!
I love to arrange flowers…..and my own vases are way prettier than the ones the florist sends!
I could have flowers all over the house just like in the summer time….
I could take some to school for my desk!
What do you think?

Mr. S. and I are going to be spending Valentine’s Day at home….probably just a normal dinner!

Then we have a “Date Night” at the Guthrie Theater on Wednesday night…2 plays this month…we saw “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” 2 weeks ago and will see “Over the Rainbow” on the 15th!
Maybe we can have an extra glass of wine with the money Mr. S. saves on flowers!

 And my friends…..maybe you want to leave this post displayed prominently on your computer and hope your Valentine reads it!
If not… probably have to go to the grocery store sometime in the next 2 days….
You could buy some flowers for YOURSELF!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day

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  4. Brie

    hahaha! I think it is too funny that you wrote this post for your husband!! I had Gerbera Daisies and Astromeria in my wedding bouquet! I was actually against roses, but come summer time they are actually some of the cheapest – or so said my florist, so I had those too! πŸ™‚

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    How very clever – and it worked! So nice to meet you through the Alexa hop.
    Sarah (@usalovelist)

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    How very clever – hope your hubs read the post BEFORE V-day. So did you get the flowers? Sure hope so. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Par.tay! Following you on Linky, please follow back!

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    PS – I featured this on my FB page! Too cute!

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