The weather on Sweetwater has taken a turn to COLD-BELOW ZERO COLD!
That also means DRY!

 Which means my skin feels like this……..

  • cracked
  • dry
  • itchy
  • pasty white

If it is true that “beauty is only skin deep”
then I am in real trouble!

Oh, I have read all the magazine articles that tell me that I should be glad to have dry skin so I won’t get blemishes and my makeup will stay put….
Dry skin means you get wrinkles and your makeup settles into the cracks….tee hee!

If you  have dry skin, you are probably like me and are drawn to the lotion aisle in any store you go into.

This brings me to “Use What I’ve Got #8!
I spent 20 minutes digging through the cupboards and drawers in the bathrooms.
This is what I found!
Maybe if I actually used all these lotions and creams that I have purchased or received as gifts….my skin wouldn’t be so dry!
I found some stuff that I love that had somehow gotten hidden away and forgotten!
There is some really good stuff here….
Years ago…when my daughter’s “pay for college” job was in a fancy spa, she introduced me to “Repachage” creme.  It is amazing stuff with sea kelp….we bought a giant bottle…spent an obscene amount of money on it….but it works!  
Pretty much anything with sea kelp works on my skin…I always watch for soap based with sea kelp at Home Goods and lo and behold….when I searched the cupboards….there were three bars waiting to be used.
I got this amazing creme as a gift….Lollia Creme infused with grapefruit and bee balm honey….
It smells almost good enough to eat!
It is a real treat!
This Miracle Foot Repair stuff is something I get at Target….it is only $5!
If it works on my feet…and it does….it will work for anyone!
When I remember to use it…my hard little hooves actually feel a bit like twinkle toes…ha!
This jar of coconut oil was in the kitchen cupboard….but I have a jar of it next to the bathtub and one next to the kitchen sink….
It is one of the main ingredients in my homemade bath soak!
Once the winter starts….I  have pasty white skin….not luminescent pearly skin….but pale washed out skin….glow in the dark white skin!
This stuff….Xen-Tan is the nicest self tanner.
It doesn’t have that yucky smell and the color has olive undertones.  
Maybe I am fooling myself…but I think it looks pretty darn natural.
And face it…30 bucks is way cheaper than a trip to Hawaii!
There you have it….the stuff I have that I need to use so I can stop complaining about my dry skin!
What are your favorite go to products for combating dry skin?
I need to know…because when these are used up…I need to buy more stuff!