The weather in Minnesota this week has been crazy warm!
It feels like summer!
But Alas…it is not summer and as much as I am itching to get out and plant…
any Minnesotan knows you can’t do that until May…2 months away!
I wish I had a greenhouse….but I don’t!
I wish I had a cold frame….but I don’t!
But I DO have a trick for getting a head start on the growing season!
I just my invitation to the “Spring Jumpstart Your Garden” event at Holasek Greenhouse in nearby Chanhassen.
 This is how it works- 
  • You take your planters to the greenhouse….
  • You wander around and pick out the plants you like….buy them
  • Go over to big tables filled with great big piles of potting soil
  • You plant everything the way you want-leaving all the mess THERE!
  • Someone from the Greenhouse wheels your pots to the back of the greenhouse!
  • Then they KEEP them for you until MAY when you can put them out doors!
And ALL you pay for are the plants!!!!
Picking out the plants!

The Sweetwater Daughter and I did this last year!

It was a fun outing….
A great alternative to mindless shopping or lunch!

Having the planters right there made it easy to coordinate plants and buy the right amount….


If you needed more…it was easy to run back and get what you were missing!

These are the plants I picked….

Notice all the sticks in the background….those are other peoples planted pots….

It was fun to browse and see what other people had planted!

Planting my deck planter boxes this way made such a difference!
This is the way the planters looked when they went outside in the middle of May.
 Just 3 weeks later, they looked like this!

And by the 4th of July they looked pretty amazing if I do say so myself!

I will take a little credit for water and fertilizing….
I really think the head start the planters got made the difference!
Since it is so warm out today, I am going to get my planters cleaned out and ready to go.
 Even if you don’t live close enough to go to Holasek’s, I bet if you did some searching there are places like this in your area.
In fact….if you know of other places that do this….add a comment with the location and details.
If you do live around here…..don’t you be taking all the prettiest plants….I can’t get there until April!!!
Think Spring!