I don’t know what happened to the my post from yesterday….poof….it just disappeared!
My  apologies to anyone who tried to link but couldn’t….
Of course I don’t have a back up! 
So here is the rewrite!
I am still trying to live up to the challenge of “Use what I’ve Got” in 2012!
I’m not sayin’ I haven’t been shopping…..
I’m just sayin’  when I decorate I have been pretty good reusing and recycling….
My Easter décor is pretty minimal….but most if not all is reused or recycled….
The weather in Minnesota has been soooo warm-breaking records almost every day!  
It was actually fun to decorate the shelves on the front steps!  Usually I am out there freezing my butt off putting spring stuff out when there is still snow on the ground, so this was a nice change.
Almost everything here is from a thrift store or Goodwill. 
I was so happy to find the galvanized French flower bucket….and decided to fill it with some artificial forsythia and pussy willow branches. (oh I did buy those for a couple of bucks at Michaels)

The 2nd basket is filled with big wooden eggs I have had forever….they can be painted over and over again….

Notice the “straw” under the eggs….that is just cuttings from the annual ornamental grass plant in the yard….I think it looks like a real nest…oh yeah…I guess that is what a real nest is made from!

I just saw the coolest post from Aimee over on It’s Overflowing she used chalkboard paint to paint real eggs….

I might just try that on a couple of these.
The bottom shelf  has the  hydrangea arrangement that was on the mantel!
I wonder how many different ways I have “recycled” those hydrangeas….I guess that could be a whole post some day!
Now…come inside and see some more….

This birdcage has seen lots of use…but I love how this turned out! 
A little nest with artificial eggs….
A ceramic bunny….
A silver cup with wheat grass….
The two paper mache’ bunnies seem to approve!

I always think I am going to actually use this lamb mold….but it always ends up as décor….here with a ceramic lamb and more wheat grass!

The dining room table centerpiece is all white!

A white vase with red dogwood….in just a week  the branches have started to leaf out!
Three white ceramic bunnies….
All on a white ceramic platter…

I bought this egg wreath at GW a couple of years ago….sometimes it gets a ribbon and hangs on the front door….this year I just plopped it on a silver tray and set it on the desk!

That is pretty much it! 

I think the total cost (new expenditures) for everything might be $5 if you count the wheat seeds and the artificial branches!
I need to get outside now…..hopefully this post won’t disappear…

0 comments on “Use What I’ve Got Easter Decor

  1. NanaDiana

    Oh- I was able to see it and comment on it yesterday. Isn't that aggravating? It looks lovely and Springy today, too!;>) xo Diana

  2. Kathleen

    You look set for Easter! I love the egg wreath!
    I am bringing it out in dribs and drabs! I am not hosting this year, so I dont know if i will go whole hog, or should I say whole HARE!

  3. xinex

    I love your Easter decor. Everything looks lovely…Christine

  4. Phyllis@Around the House

    I did the same this year I just used what I had problem is I have collected alot and wanted to give everything a chance to be out…I am a new follower

  5. Doll in the Looking Glass

    Love the eggs in the basket with the natural straw. They have such a lovely shimmer. Everything in your decor has such a natural style.

    Visiting from the Bunny Hop,

  6. cathy@my1929charmer

    Using what you got on hand sure looks pretty. I love the eggs in the basket and the natural straw. Love how natural your decor looks and everything is so pretty. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best.

  7. Terry

    Good morning Mary! Well your link did disappear from the Sunday Blog Love but I scrolled through your blog to see what happened…dang blogger..anyway..I never tire of checking out your thrify finds to see how you've used them in your home…this is one of my top five picks of the week!
    I'm in SD and we too are having unseasonable warm weather…90 degrees this weekend…unbelievable! Take care and thanks for linking up!