I haven’t told you much about our vacation at the “Colima Cabin” in Manzanillo…

It was wonderful….
and although my tan is fading….
it’s a rainy Sunday….time to remember those wonderful sunny days!

Usually people come back from vacation and rave about the wonderful restaurants they discovered…..

those fancy places….
those little out of the way spots…. 
 Manzanillo has those…and we have eaten at lots of them in past years!
Dolphin Cove Inn is a great breakfast spot just a 5 minute walk away 
with a beautiful view of the harbor.
 Hotel Tesoro….an elegant hotel with great…but expensive food!
Right on Audencia Beach….with fabulous views day or night.
 La Recíf….an expensive cab ride to a gorgeous upscale restaurant. 
But would you believe that we only went out to eat dinner ONCE on our WHOLE ten day trip!
Yep….me….the queen of take out and restaurant eating here in Minnesota….
cooked every day ON VACATION!
WHY…you might ask!
  1. Because we had nothing but time….
  2. Because the “cabin” is so “all inclusive”
  3. Because the fresh food from the markets is so amazing!
  4. Because it seemed more relaxing!
  5. Because I am really a pretty good cook!
  6. Once we got started….it was like a challenge to see if we could!

Look at some of the great food we enjoyed!

Our breakfasts were simple….

Pastry or French Toast for me…

Omelets with
Chorizo and Tortillas for Mr. S. ( I was too busy cooking to get a photo of that!)

A typical mid afternoon snack…..
fresh pico di gallo and guacamole!

Chopped onion, sweet peppers, tomato, cilantro, lime  and a dash of tequila!

 These grilled shrimp are so fresh….they hardly taste like the same food as here at home….

 After several years of  unsuccessfully looking for cocktail sauce in the local markets….we got smart and brought some prepared horseradish in our suitcase….
 add it to a little catsup….cocktail sauce!

Some grilled potatoes and some garlic toasts rounded out this meal….

These are our own version of a dish served in a little restaurant called La Cabaña de Gaus….they are called “Vampiros”

They are made with sauteed onion and Chorizo on a wheat tortilla.
Some pico di gallo….freshly  made….
Sprinkle on some Cheese and Cilantro!
Grill on a griddle until bubbly….

I even made a Flan for dessert….

from a box…but still!

And you have to give me extra credit for reading the directions in Spanish!!

I served the meal  with this view

and a few glasses of wine!

We also had snacks at the beach…..with the addition of margaritas and  cervezas…

Don’t you agree that the culinary part of our trip was about as good as it could be!
And it was pretty thrifty too!!

Oh….and if you were worried that I have started to cook every night here at home….

Not so much! 

We are back to our old pattern of take out and restaurants again!
I wouldn’t want Mr. S. to get any ideas!

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