I have all these vacation pictures that I would love to show you….
But I wouldn’t do that to you!
I like you too much to bore you like that!

But how’s this for sneaky?
I will show you some of the photos….
and show you a couple of photo editing tools you can use for free or almost free!

I never used Picnik….or at least not very often…
I know that lots of you did…
But now “the Picnik” is over…..and I bet some of you are trying out other photo editing sites.

Read on to see couple of really nice options that I think are every bit as good as Picnik…
Oh…and you will get to see some of our vacation pics too….tee hee!

I would never say that I am an expert photographer.
I would like to be….but like with lots of things….
I don’t have the patience to learn something like PhotoShop…or the desire to spend the money buying it!

So….I did a little research and found these options:

FotoFlexer  is a FREE on line photo editing site that is really great….

It has lots of options and you can upload and then save your edited photo without any sign up…nice.

And the best thing is that it is a lot like Picnik-

Here is an example of an unedited photo…..
This is taken of the condo from across the harbor.

Here is the same photo with just a click on Autofix and a crop…

Every morning we watched as a couple of fishermen took this little boat out….and caught lots of fish!  This is the snapshot….

Cropping and enhancing color was simple….as was adding text.  

This shot of a street fruit stand is the original.
I added a boost of color and and an edge effect to get this!

I took a look at the editor that Piknik is suggesting as a replacement.  It is called PicMonkey.
It looked okay, There are a bunch of options….but the really fun stuff looks like it will eventually need a purchased upgrade.  You can use the upgrades now…but I couldn’t tell how long that would be available.

The original
 Cropped, sharpened and color enhanced with PicMonkey.
 With a drop shadow frame

I did a post a while ago about Free Websites for Photo Effects.  It might be worth your while to take a look!

In that post I highlighted the iPad APP PhotoForge2.  It costs $1.99….but I really like it.
I have added the Picassa App to the iPad too…..so all my photos are right there when I want to use PhotoForge.

From This….
 To this!

I could probably sit here all day and play with photos….but I have other stuff to do!

I know there are lots of other options out there….

I would love to hear other suggestions from any of you about your suggestions for photo editing!
If you have any….add your comments! I will enjoy looking at them….as I am sure other readers would too!

I think the thing to do is just pick one and get good at that one!
Hmmmm….don’t you just hate having to make decisions!

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0 comments on “Photo Editing Fun!

  1. NanaDiana

    I have never used any of these photo services but I did pop over and check out Picmonkey a few days ago and it looks like it is something so simple even I could do it. xo Diana

  2. Hani@Craftionary

    What a wonderful post about online editors.. I like fotoflex too but I have my heart set on picmonkey now.. 🙂 You said it! Great minds thing alike.. 😉
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Terri Betz

    Thanks! Will check out FotoFlexer! Hadn't heard about that one!

  4. Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate

    Just wanted to let you know I featured this as part of my link party wrap up ! Feel free to grab a featured button from my sidebar if you like and thanks for linking up!

  5. Cynthia

    Thanks for all of the links! I found you through Carol at The Answer is Chocolate. I've been using PicMonkey the past few weeks but to edit pictures for my blog posts but I'm afraid of how pricey all the cool stuff will be when they start charging. I'm going to give FotoFlexer a try.

  6. What a sneaky post 😉

    I agree, PicMonkey seems to be the most user friendly.

    Another one to have a look at is iPiccy. It's also free and you can actually upload photos and have them stay in your photobasket (like Picnik) for watermarking, collages etc. They have a lot of great collage options and I know this is something missing from PicMonkey right now.

    Looks like a lovely holiday! Linking to you from Thrifty Decorating.

  7. Six Sisters

    We loved having you link up to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Hope you'll be back soon! -The Sisters

  8. Ann

    Wow so glad there's an alternative to Picnik, I loved that site!

  9. PopCosmo

    Followed you from the blog hop… & learned something new… so thank you very much!!!! I'll be checking out your photo post, there are so many for the iPhone that I love but I was looking for some for my computer. This post came in very handy. Happy Saturday!