Disclaimer…this picture is from LAST SUMMER!

I was sittin’ on the deck tonight listening to the spring croaking frogs….
I realized that I haven’t done a kid’s book list post for a while….

Kids love Frogs and Toads!

And since I still think of myself as an “old” kid….
So do I!

Now that I am a grown up…tee hee…

My frog collection has become a bit more sophisticated than it used to be!

This chunky fellow has a bit of an attitude!!!

This little guy likes to hide in the bushes…
or in this case the ferns and lamium!

The self-satisfied grin on this fellow always makes me wonder what he has been up to when we aren’t watching!

The pure joy of jumping in the pond….
a welcome thought on a hot summer day!
If you know a frog lover….I have a bunch of fun books to explore!
Read on to see the list….

 Lizard, frogs and polliwogs

April is Poetry month and one of the most amazing authors of Children’s poetry is Douglas Florian.

This offering is filled with great watercolors and clever poems about boggy creatures!

 The Wide-mouthed Frog

Keith Faulkner has created a wonderful pop-up book that kids will love. The frog has a wide mouth that he just loves to use. 

He’s particularly interested in the eating habits of other creatures found in the great outdoors–

 until he comes upon a big green one with lots of teeth who finds wide-mouthed frogs simply delicious.

A giggle filled tale!

The Frog Princess

This book by E.D. Baker is the first of a series….

It is a chapter book that is a great read aloud or a early read for a second grader…

This tale is a fun twist on the Frog turned Prince…. 
A princess becomes a frog and needs to find a way back to being a Princess! 

If You Hopped Like A Frog

David Schwartz has created a fun book about ratios and proportion…(is that an oxymoron?)

Kids will love learning facts like this:
“If you hopped like a frog. . . you could jump from home plate to first base in one mighty leap. If you were as strong as an ant. . .”  


City Dog, Country Frog

In this charming story, Mo Willems tells the tale of friends from different worlds who become friends and face the prospect of loss. A little sad, but beautiful! 

Jump, Frog, Jump!

I love this cumulative read written by Robert Kalan.  It is a great book to boost your child’s memory.

The pictures are amazing!

A Boy, A Dog and A Frog

This classic wordless book by Mercer Mayer has been around for a long time.

While the book is fun….

if you have 10 minutes to spare… go get your little ones and take the time to watch this video adaptation of the book…

I think it is a hoot and a half!!!  It is a go to activity for me when I need something quick to occupy some fidgety Kindergarteners!

Now I am going to go make myself a little snack….what else…
Frogs On A Log!  (celery with peanut butter and raisins if you didn’t know!)

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