It is busy around Sweetwater this weekend…
    • A fun wedding
    • Some yard work
    • a visit to Mom to help her with her computer
    • Report Cards to do

Sooo not to much time to write a long post…

I took a walk around the garden yesterday and  I thought you might enjoy seeing….
“What’s Blooming Around Here!”

I guess this is why gardening is so rewarding….I always feel like I am “RICH” when the garden blooms like this…

Oh…and did you know that at Sweetwater, the Garden Fairies actually PAY you to get out there and weed?
Yeah…really…..look what was in the Hosta Bed when I was cleaning it out!!!!

Someone suggested that Mr. S. actually did this so I would keep WORKING instead of taking pictures….tee hee!
Have a Great Weekend!

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