“Summer afternoon-summer afternoon: to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English Language   ~Henry James

I am never one to hurry summer along….in fact it is a well known RULE at Sweetwater to NEVER use the following phrases in my presence:

  • “Summer is sure going fast….”
  • “The Back to School sales are starting…..”
  • “Wow….can you believe it is the 4th of July already…..”
  • “It won’t be long now ’til your birthday…(August 10 if you must know)

But this year I need to at least THINK about August….as it will be a crazy busy time!

The Sweetwater Son (that is his cute self up there in the photo) is most likely going to be moving….into a new house…..alas the rule is that “until the deal is DONE”….there WON’T be any pre-move planning….. he is afraid that it would jinx the whole deal!But come August…that will be so much fun….Craig’s List, GoodWill and Garage Sales OH MY!!

Also in August,  the Sweetwater Daughter and her law partner are moving their practice to a new spot!
They are starting the process of decorating that space!
The goal is to do this as economically as possible….(this apple didn’t fall far from the Sweetwater tree!)

Yeah….Yeah….I know this was supposed to be a post about FABRIC SHOPPING!!!!

So yesterday, while I was sitting at the computer the SKYPE rang…it was the Sweetwater Daughter….stuck at home….minding her dog as he recovers from surgery among many other things….
But she wanted to SHOP….
And I wanted to SHOP…..

Enter the wonderful world of technology!!!!
We spent over an hour SHOPPING TOGETHER…on line…..at the same time!
She has a couple of furniture reupholstery projects that need doing for the new office!
Now to pick the fabrics…..so off to Fabric.com we went!
She sent me links to some favorites….we clicked and browsed and clicked and browsed!
Because we were on SKYPE….we could talk at the same time as we browsed…
The site lets you create a Design Wall to see swatches together and compute yardage and cost.
You can order swatches for $1.75…..
 What a great way to share shopping when you can’t actually get together…..
During the “shopping trip”….I drank 3 cups of coffee….emptied the dishwasher….folded a load of laundry!

We probably won’t give up our REAL shopping trips…. (they are too fun)…but this virtual shopping has a lot going for it!

NEWS FLASH….I just discovered that you can shop at GOODWILL on line!!!! 
I signed myself up….OMG….don’t tell Mr. S!!!!!
Have a Great Weekend!!!

0 comments on “A New Way To Fabric Shop!

  1. Olive Cooper

    That sounds like impressive. I get into loads of trouble at GW already. I do order books from a GW on the west coast via amazon at great prices. Visiting from Elaine's.

  2. Angela @ Call Her Blessed

    No way…Goodwill online?! I'm not sure whether to love you or hate you for that 😉

  3. NanaDiana

    I don't believe it!!!! You can shop at GW ONLINE? This is getting downright scary this online shopping stuff! xo Diana

  4. Lori

    I don't like hearing summer is going fast, either!

  5. The Boston Lady

    How great all this excitement is and that you and your daughter could shop together virtually! I had heard about Goodwill being on line. Will have to take a look. Ann

  6. Diann

    Oh, I so try to stay away from Goodwill online~ LOL I am going to check out that fabric store though. thanks for the heads up on that. Visiting from SSS. Have a wonderful day!

  7. Linda

    Great news..thanks for sharing a wonderful tip. I am your newest google friend and linky follower. I do hope you visit and follow along. Pretty blog background.

  8. Baby Is Boss

    Really? Goodwill online…going to have to check that out. A new follower from the Monday Mom Blog Hop.

  9. Terry

    OMG – I loved reading about shopping through Skype with your daughter! I Skype every week with my daughter in Korea and I miss not going to the stores together but I think you've given me a new idea…love this! I'm so glad you shared this at Sunday Blog Love, this was the most viewed link and will be featured this weekend. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  10. Conry Lavis

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  11. Anonymous

    thanks for sharing.