While it is just a few years later….
Mr. S is almost as cute now as he was back then!

Like so many men, Mr. S. is almost impossible to buy presents for…..
He has the annoying habit of buying the stuff he wants….when he wants it!
His birthday falls close to Father’s Day….so he has just gotten lots of presents….
And then…as he usually does this time of year…he just went out and bought a bunch of new clothes for himself!!!!

But this year he REALLY took the cake…..
He gets his NEW Truck today!
You know the old saying…..
“The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys! “
I really don’t think another new shirt is going to top that….do you?
Oh well….maybe I can find a big bow to put on top of it!
Then we are off to the baseball game tonight!
Really….an almost perfect “GUY” birthday….
a new truck, a baseball game, beer and bratwurst! 
Happy Birthday to you Mr. S!
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0 comments on “Happy Birthday Mr. S!

  1. Amy - while wearing heels

    What an incredibly sweet (and funny post). Happy birthday to your handsome husband!

  2. Motivated Mommy of two

    Hello stopping by from the 3 four and under blog hop. I am your newest follower and Happy Birthday to your husband

  3. Stacy Sews and Schools

    HAPPY BDAY to your Hubby!!
    I am a new follower that found you through the Wednesday Follow Me Blog Hop at 3 Four and Under! 🙂

  4. My Froley

    Happy birthday indeed ! Who wouldn't want a truck on their birthday, even if you did buy it for yourself. Yes please. Well I hope you all had a great time celebrating together 🙂