It certainly has been busy around here:

Some of it has been BIG stuff….

I have been “counseling” at our “Tech Camp for Teachers” for 4 days these last two weeks!
If any of your kids ever wonder what teachers do in the summer….tell them that they keep on learning!!!!  We had a great time discovering new stuff about iPads and iMovie….

The Sweetwater Daughter and I are redoing furniture for the move to her new law office in a week….BIG projects….here is a sneak peek!

Yup….these two sectional pieces are getting a makeover….from casual red corduroy to elegant purple sharkskin.

This great print will go on the reception chairs….she scored those Craig’s List…You Go Girl!
Stay tuned for posts about both these BIG projects!!
The Sweetwater Son is working with Mr. S. to construct a stand for his new Ceramic Cooker… This dynamic duo would not allow photos with “people”, but I took a few showing the work out that MY tools were getting!
I am very impressed with the way this is turning out…can’t wait to have the Sweetwater Son cook for ME!
With all these big unfinished projects happening….it doesn’t feel like anything is FINISHED…and that always makes me a little antsy….
The garage is filled with furniture waiting to go to the new house or office….
The dining room is stuffed with sectional pieces waiting to be finished….
Sometimes I just need to focus on the little stuff….some projects…some successes….
So Here Goes….
A Celebration of SMALL completed Victories!
Remember the post about Artichokes?
Remember how I asked if anyone knew where to find artichoke plates?
Remember Bonne Volonté?

SCORE!  Seriously, I could not believe it when I saw these 4 artichoke plates on the shelf…
THEN…when I turned one over and saw 99 cents…..I did a little happy dance right then and there!
Would you believe I was just getting ready to buy 4 of these on ebay for $44…
Bonne Volonté to the rescue once again!
Remember the new kitten Marvin?
Remember how he is my computer buddy?
Well….he started driving me crazy by raising havoc with all the computer cords!!!!
I hate a snarl of computer cords anyway, so it was time to solve that problem!
I had some foam squares that Mr. S brought home from the office….
I think they were some sort of packing material!

I took a sharp knife….

(Don’t tell Mr. S….he hates when I use our knives for projects!!!!)

I made deep slits one inch apart all the way across….

Aren’t you proud that I actually used a ruler?

The slits make perfect cord corrals!

It is easy to just slide the cords in and the foam is forgiving enough to accommodate whatever size cord necessary!

It looks a lot tidier under there….

and believe me….there are LOTS of cords tucked in to that one square of foam!

Ha Ha Marvin!!!  Foiled YOU!

I hope you can find some of your own small victories to celebrate!
I promise to keep you posted on my bigger projects when they ARE victories!

Have a Great Day!

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