Three days and counting until the day of the party….

I suppose it is time to talk about what to feed all the folks!

You might have noticed that Sweetwater Style doesn’t have a lot of cooking posts….

Now…I can cook….I do have lots of great recipes….even some recipes that are complicated and fussy!!!

BUT….my philosophy for party menu planning for any group bigger than 8 is to keep it simple!!!  GOOD….but SIMPLE!
Reason #1:  
All that cookin’ makes a tired and crabby hostess!!!
Reason #2:  
I think fancy food makes people uncomfortable….you know if somebody has to wonder “what is this?” it might not be the best menu choice! 
(especially if there are kids coming to the party!)
Reason  #3: 
The party is about the people and the conversation….NOT about the food!
For this gathering Mr. S. and I will rely on a menu that meets the criteria for SIMPLE AND GOOD!  We are doing a Make Your Own Sandwich Bar….because everyone likes sandwiches!  We have done this for several parties and it is always a hit!
Reason #1
Everything can be done ahead….
No last minute warming up of stuff….and it can sit on the buffet for the whole party!

Reason #2
This menu can meet the needs of any guest’s dietary restrictions!
Vegan…no problem….!
Gluten free….no problem…!
Picky kid eater….no problem!
Big eater….NO PROBLEM!
Reason #3
Almost everything is “no cooking”
If you need to….you can buy it all at the grocery store ready to go!!
(we do a bit of our own cooking….mainly because we like to)
Reason #4
You don’t need a lot of other stuff!
The sandwich fixings and potato chips can serve as appetizers for the “grazers”!
 a couple of people on the guest list for this party are bringing favorite pasta salads…
but it really isn’t necessary!
Reason #5
Clean up is a breeze….and leftovers are no problem!
Sliced Smoked Turkey
Sliced Ham
Egg Salad
Grilled Vegetables-peppers, onions and mushrooms
Sliced Tomatoes
Cheese Tray
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Sliced Bread -Croissants
Fruit Tray
Pasta Salads 
Beverage Selection includes free refills!
I think Dagwood would be proud of us!
The turkey is in the cooler defrosting….Mr. S will fire up the smoker tomorrow and take care of that….
The eggs for the egg salad are hardboiled and ready to go….
I will head to CostCo for the rest of the stuff tomorrow….
Seriously….what could be easier?
I still have 3 days…..if you have an idea for something to add to the sandwich buffet….IF it fits the do ahead or buy ahead criteria….let me know!
Stay Tuned for tomorrow’s post…..Staging and Planning the Party Flow! 
Have a Great Day…I might just have to hit SUBWAY….
all this sandwich talk has made me hungry!