I had every good intention of posting yesterday…..BUT….
Life got in the way!!!
This is going to be short and sweet because…..
Today is the party….people will arrive in a few hours..,
All is set and we can’t wait!
So….what did I do yesterday?
Shopped for groceries…
Helped Mr. S smoke the turkey….and it looks like it will be the centerpiece of the buffet!
Grilled the vegetables….
Mostly though I thought about the flow of the gathering!
The buffet will be in the dining room!
The bar will be in the lower level…both outside and in the craft room!
There are tables for people in the backyard, the lower level, the deck and the kitchen!
Hopefully we can  have a fire in the firepit where there is no seating!
The goal is to keep people moving through out the whole house and not just “perching” in one spot!!!!
Mr. S has been his usual amazing self as he runs errands like nobody’s business…..seriously I don’t know what I would do without all that help!!!  AND….he smokes a mean turkey too!
One little addition to this gathering is an informal Bridal Shower for my cousin’s daughter!
Since this group of people won’t have a chance to gather again anytime soon….it made sense to do “double duty”!  
We will put the gifts in the family room and find a good time to gather to open them and honor this special young couple!
I will post tomorrow and hopefully have a few pictures of all the fun that is sure to be!
As for now….I plan to

Then tomorrow we are off to Mr. S’s High School Class Reunion…..another fun event to look forward to!

0 comments on “Party TIME!

  1. Cathy L McNeal

    WOW! You certainly have a busy weekend ahead Mary! It makes me tired thinking about it but sounds like a wonderful party! You and Mr.S will be the perfect host and hostess! Have a Great time!

  2. NanaDiana

    Enjoy EVERY moment of your busy weekend! I think you will have a wonderful party AND reunion~ xo Diana