It was our Anniversary on September 5th!
Who knew all those years ago what a busy time the first few days of September would be!
So busy in fact that there have been years when I forgot and Mr. S  was the one who reminded me!
This year….Mr. S. surprised me with flowers delivered to school!! 
He was going off on a fishing trip….I was busy with the first days of school…
The flowers were a special way to celebrate our Anniversary!
This photo doesn’t do the arrangement justice!  
It was stunning and brightened my office for the whole week!  
I loved the way the florist packed all the unique flowers into the glass vase and used a hosta leaf inside to disguise the stems.  
Hmmmm….I am going to have to try that!
I brought it home for the weekend and by Sunday night it was looking a little droopy!
So….This is what I did…..
I simple took the flowers out of the original vase…..put some floral foam in another vase and rearranged them….I added 1 Gerbera Daisy from the garden….
Mr. S. said he actually liked this one better……what a guy!!!!
THAT arrangement lasted a whole week……now it is Saturday Morning….
AND….the arrangement looked like this…..
But not for long….
One last consolidation…..
So now these flowers are 10 days old….
I can probably get at least another 4 or 5 days out of them!!!
Thanks for the flowers Mr. S!
You all have a great day….we are off to a fun Pop-Up shop where the Sweetwater Son-In-Law is showing off the great looking shoes he designs and sells….
Greenwich Vintage
I will write more about that soon….but if you live in the Minneapolis Area….the event is called Northern Grade!  
 Great Fun…Great Shopping….Great People Watching!
Maybe we will see you there!

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  1. Niki Caron

    That is great that you got the flowers to last so long! I love the new arrangement (and how great is it that the mister does too)! Gorgeous flowers 🙂