Every good librarian needs to wear eyeglasses to give her SHHH!!! a little more authority!
I have lots and lots of cheaters lying around everywhere….I buy the cheapies and don’t worry much about taking care of them.

I also wear glasses for distance….my last pair at cost more than $400 dollars….and alas I didn’t worry too much about taking care of THEM….and now they have some scratches on the lenses…

And then….on Thursday night…I was out for the evening and I only had my prescription sunglasses with me…..and by now it was too dark to wear them to drive home…..so I needed to dig  around in the console for the extra pair I keep in there….found ’em…..

Yikes….one bow had fallen off and I spent the whole drive home trying to keep them on my face!

I couldn’t  put it off any longer….to me trying on eye glasses at the store is kind of like shopping for jeans or a new swimsuit….only instead of being in the privacy of the dressing room….you are out there for everyone to see!!!

As luck would have it…the good folks at GlassesUSA.com contacted me about writing a post for them with even a little compensation!  I decided to check it out!

Do any of you have experience with ordering glasses on-line?

The Sweetwater Daughter swears by it….I guess it is time for me to “just do it” and order glasses using all the cool features on the website….especially the chance to try all the choices using the virtual mirror!

I embedded the virtual mirror from the GlassesUSA.com website so you can try it too!
If you get hooked….and find a pair of eyeglasses you just can’t live without….use the  discounts below to make them even less expensive!!

STOREWIDE OFFER – Take 15% off your entire order amount + FREE shipping (orders over $50). Code: FS15

Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses. Code: Blog10

I decided that I would try to find something in the under $100 range, since I plan on using them to replace the broken glasses I keep in the car console….

Which ones….hmmmmmmm!!!!

Oh….decisions-decisions!  But at least I get to decide in the comfort of home!!!