Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape. 

 I love YOGA…and have been practicing for over 10 years.  
I wouldn’t say that I am an expert….
I wouldn’t say that I practice nearly enough….
Sometimes I go to classes….but the best routine for me is to practice at home!
In the summer….I can use my garden for meditation and exercise….
The “Down Weed” keeps me flexible….and the flowers keep me calm!
These last weeks at school….
I have been moving a lot of books and couldn’t figure out why my shoulders were aching!!!
I realized I needed to get back to doing “real” Yoga practice!
This summer I challenged myself to create a practice space in a spare room…..
for under $100!
I finished it a while ago and it has been sitting there unused for a couple of months…
Maybe if I show you the room….it will motivate me to start using it!!!! 
The room already had a coat of sage green paint that is calming….
 When we rearranged the family room, I moved this low table to the spare room….
This table is very special to me as I rescued it from school….would you believe they were going to chop it up….and even better…It was a table in my very first Kindergarten!  We brought it home and refinished it!  A treasure, with history!!!
The 2 floor cushions came from “Bonne Volante”…..
They were the perfect color and price-$5 a piece!
The white linen curtain panels were also a Bonne Volante find…..$9.99!
The BIG ticket item was $50 from HomeGoods…..but worth it!  ( it was my birthday gift from the Sweetwater Daughter….but I will count the cost in the total budget)
 These 2 Asian themed art pieces are also from GW…
 I think one was $6.99 and the other $4.99
 I wish I knew what the characters meant….
 I hope what ever they mean doesn’t give me bad “CHI” !!!
 This planter is a favorite find from GoodWill…..$4.99….
It adds a bit of the “earth element”

 I put the “Fake Battery Candles” on the table for the “Fire Element”….
The “Water Element” is provided by the tabletop fountain!
 For less than $100….using stuff I already….I have a calm, uncluttered space to help me unclutter my mind!
Now I just have to actually DO that!
Well….you can see that someone is using the Yoga Room!
I think this pose is called “UP CAT”!
Remember….Keep Calm and Just Breathe!!!
Have a Great Week!