Fall is certainly in the air…..
At Sweetwater we try to put off starting the furnace as long as possible…..so we use the gas fireplace every evening….

See…..Marvin isn’t always mischievous!!!!
Once I actually give in to the fact that summer is over….I can embrace the beauty of Fall!
I love the warmer colors and the cozy textures…..and have been gradually adding fall touches all around the house.
I will wait at least a week to get the Halloween Stuff out….Halloween Decor seems to be a bit Pavlovian for me…..I start craving candy bars…..so the longer I wait…..the better it is for my diet!!!!
I finished the mantel….

Fun to look back at the photo from last year….I think I did better this time around!

I got the pumpkin print pillow out….

If you want to know how I printed the pumpkin on fabric and made the pillow….here is the link to that post….

Pumpkin Print Pillow Tutorial….

And the Faux fur throw I made last year has been keeping me warm on these chilly evenings…..

Here is the link to that tutorial

Almost NO SEW Cozy Throws….

And you can see that Marvin has discovered them too!!!!

A few mums and artificial gourds in the kitchen window are nicer to look at than the flowers on the deck that are past their prime!

Finally….this display of white and orange mini pumpkins seems to be safe from “Bad Kitty”…at least for the time being!

If it warms up later today, I plan to get out and deal with the almost dead flowers….and the front porch….and pick the hydrangeas….and cut the last of the good flowers before it freezes….


maybe I will just turn the fire on….
and cozy in with the kitty for a nice afternoon of reading!!!