I haven’t done a post about shopping at Bonne Volanté (AKA Goodwill) for a while…I guess it is time!

I made a quick trip to my favorite GW last week (hey…I only stayed for 45 minutes….so that counts as quick….for me)

I needed a couple of frames….one for the thrifty Halloween Graveyard art project….

Score!!!  $2   
I also bought this “semi-tacky” wreath for $3.99!
You are probably thinking….”Why would anyone buy that!!!???”
I had a plan….just you wait!
First I want to tell you about one of my favorite go to tools….
It looks like this…..
I have had mine for years and always just called it that red handled cutter!
When I started to write this post, I figured I better know what the real name of the tool was!
Who better to ask than Mr. S….and of course he knew!
Electrician’s call this a “DIKE” or short for “diagonal wire cutter”….who knew?
Mine is a Klein D228-8….so there!
It is about 20 bucks at Amazon….is it worth it?
You bet!

This cutter makes short work of cutting the plastic covered wires on artificial flowers and leaves!  Before I started using this…..or when I am too lazy to walk downstairs and get it out of the drawer….I used to try cutting stems with kitchen shears….yikes…what a lot of hard work…this little cutter is a simple snip and you are done!!!

On to the transformation of the “tacky wreath”…

I wanted to use this basket because the copper color would look nice with the metallic pumpkins…. but I needed to make a liner to hide the dry floral foam base….

Good old burlap to the rescue!  It has a nice autumnal feel and with a little unraveling on the edges….it was the perfect solution!

I took the wreath apart and cut the stems with my cutter….and here is the result!

Not bad for $4!
I used up some burlap and a basket from the “stash”!!!
Wishing you good luck on YOUR thrifting adventures!

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  1. Cheapchick

    Waaay better – excellent reuse – I love the cemetary picture by the way

  2. Cathy


  3. Lindsey@If I had a million hours...

    I'm always bringing home "hideous" stuff for re-purposing. Our GW is nice but Saver's is even better because of discounts on Mondays!! Really like the "After" – great job:)

  4. NanaDiana

    Hi Mary- I am back from my blogging break- You found some beauty in something that was NOT so beautiful. It looks great. I have one of those cutter "thingies", too!;>) xo Diana

  5. Karri Reiser

    Great job, you would never know what it was before. Thanks for sharing at my Our Favorite Things Link Party.

  6. Pinkie for Pink

    This looks awesome! So pretty! I am visiting from the Monday Mingle and I am a follower of yours now. Would love if you could come visit and follow me.