I am all about using what I already have….and not buying new stuff!
Well….Mr. S. might disagree with that statement…
But, since I do have stuff….I try to use it!
This newly discovered tip is the perfect way for “Using What I Got!!!”
I’ve got BOOTS!!!
Probably too many boots….
But I love boots!
I’ve Got Empty Wine Bottles!
Probably too many empty wine bottles….
But we love wine!
Put the two together and you have the perfect solution for boot tree/organizers!

This explains why I was out in the recycling digging to find some empties…..
This explains why I am just going to need to “drink more wine”…..NOT A PROBLEM!
 I shared this tip with the Sweetwater Daughter…..”Well Mom that might work for you, but I am afraid that if I did that, pretty soon I would have the pile of boots AND a pile of empty wine bottles in the closet.  People will think I am a “closet drinker”!!!!
I am going to try it anyway……we shall see!

In the meantime….just for fun…hop over to this great post by RindyMae..
She has collected some pretty funny sayings about friends and drinking!
I hope she doesn’t mind me taking a screen shot of this quote that seems very appropriate!

Which reminds me of a funny thing….a while back, Mr. S. told me he read in the paper that when the county did an analysis of the success of recycling initiatives, they discovered that our little area “won”….in terms of pounds per resident…..

We decided it must be the weight of all the empty wine bottles that put us over the top!!!!
Hope my new project doesn’t put our “title” at risk!

Have a Great day!

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