“The nutcracker sits under the holiday tree, a guardian of childhood stories. 

Feed him walnuts and he will crack open a tale…” 

Every year since the Sweetwater Son was a tiny tot….he has received a Nutcracker as a stocking stuffer!
Some of them are “good ones”
…..and this year the better quality ones are finally finding a spot in the holiday decor in his new home!
That leaves all the inexpensive Nutcrackers for me!!!
They may not be “good” but they are still  colorful and fun to display!
Last year…. they were showcased in the front hall…
The color scheme in the lower level seemed to be a nice spot for them this year.
I wanted to put them on the mantle….but they looked messy and crowded when they were just lined up in a row….hmmmmm…..what to do?
Then I remembered the big 4 x 4 candle stands we made for the Tonia’s wedding mantle!
We made them by cutting the wood into various heights….painting them with high gloss white enamel paint and adding less expensive and shorter candles for a lovely effect for the reception mantle!
How gorgeous was this?!
The pillars were in a box in the “decor stash” and were the perfect solution for displaying the collection of nutcrackers!
The pillars give the right amount of height to let these guys really show off! They sort of disappear into the background!
Just goes to show…..you should never throw “stuff” away! 
That is….if you remember where you put the “stuff” when you want it!
Have a “Suite” Day and may Sugarplums dance in your head!

0 comments on “A Nutcracker Suite on the Mantle!

  1. Cathy

    Great Idea Mary. I have an antique desk very much like yours. It works very well for displaying seasonal items. Thank You for sharing!

  2. Rhonda

    Great idea, the white painted wood looks really nice. I am a new follower – found you from "Follow who? Hop"