So I know I don’t write too many cooking posts….
 But we are having a party on Saturday….
That means I HAVE to cook….
Really…I don’t mind….in fact it can be fun….sort of!!!
The party is a tradition….
Sort of shocking, as we invite BOTH sides of the family…
For the SAME party…..
Not so much!
It is always a great gathering!!!
The menu this year is simple!
White Chicken Chili
Traditional Beef Chili
Hunter’s Stew
Shredded Cheese and Sour Cream Garnish
Nacho Chips
Selection of Breads
Since I don’t do a lot of treat baking…the guests know they need to bring their favorites!
So there will be lots of goodies to add to the table!
Now for the REAL scary part!
When I make chili….I DON’T use a recipe!
 I figure if you start with good ingredients….it will probably taste pretty good!
White Chicken Chili For a Crowd!
A great Make Ahead recipe for a party!
This is a take off on a recipe from Byerly’s….the outstanding Minnesota grocery store chain!
Start with several packages of chicken tenders….Cost Co has big packages for not too much money!
In a large roaster….cook the chicken in lots of chicken broth and water with several chopped white onions……cook the heck out of it so that it gets totally tender….like all afternoon!
Shred the chicken with a fork so you have a big mess of chicken pieces in the broth….
Add as many cans of White Northern Beans and Butter Beans as you need to fill the roaster…the more beans…the more folks you can serve!!!
Add some cans of green chilies…..again use your judgement in terms of how spicy you want the chili….
Now for the seasoning…..some salt and cumin to taste.
We had some grilling rubs in the spice drawer….one is a Chili Lime flavor….
I sniffed it….I tasted it…..seemed like a good flavor for this recipe…..and it seems to be perfect….I added it a bit a time…just in case!
Add a roux of cornmeal and water for thickening….
Then just let it simmer covered…..again a long time…..or as long as you have time for.
I read somewhere that the secret to a good chili is to let the “pot liquor” do it’s thing and add flavor to the “brew“!
I made this yesterday… it sits in the “extra refrigerator” on the frozen snowy deck….

waiting to be reheated on Saturday morning!

Traditional Chili Con Carne Rojo for a Crowd
Cook a large Beef Rump Roast in the oven covered with Beef Broth and several large onions chopped…..again….cook the heck out of it until it falls apart and is easy to shred. 350 degrees for about 4 hours usually does the trick….

In a large roaster….shred the beef and add the meat broth and onions….

You can add water to make a larger batch….
Add lots of cans of chili beans…..again the more beans….the more chili!
I have some grilled red and yellow peppers that will go into the mix….
If Mr. S. remembers to buy a Jalapeño  pepper…I will judiciously add some of that!
Now for the seasoning…..this chili seems to need lots of salt….and again cumin….there is a different grilling rub in the drawer….”Spicy Chipolte”….seems like a good addition for this one.
Bring the whole mess to a boil and add the cornmeal roux to thicken the mix!
Once again…. just let it simmer covered…..again a long time…..or as long as you have time for.
More of the “pot liquor” idea…..
 Setting up the table for a Chili or Soup party is really simple….even for a crowd!

I am trying to decide whether to use “real” bowls or disposable …
The “real” bowls are nicer to eat from….and I do have a bunch collected from GW over the years…
The disposable bowls are easier for people to throw away if they are eating away from the kitchen…
Maybe I will put both out and let everyone decide what they like!
I will try to remember to take some pictures of the table when it is all set of Saturday….
In the meantime….the beef is in the oven and Mr. S’s “famous” Hunter’s Stew is simmering on the stovetop….Maybe tomorrow I will ask him to “guest post” and share his secret recipe!!!  (Do you think you can stand three cooking posts in a row????)
Pretty Stress free…..
Mr. S and I will even have time to watch the Minnesota Gopher Bowl Game tonight!!!
  • all I will have to do is get the roasters full of Chili hot…..
Make a double recipe of Never Fail Cornbread
1/2 Cup Butter
1/2 Cup Sugar
1 egg
1 Cup Sour Cream
1/2 TSP baking Soda
1 Cup Flour
1 Cup Corn Meal

Mix together butter, sugar and egg.  Add the Sour Cream.  Mix dry ingredients together and stir them into the dry ingredients.  Bake at 350 for 25 minutes!
  • send Mr. S. off to the store for lots of good bread….and all the other things I have forgotten….
(thank GOODNESS Mr. S. is such a good errand runner!!!)
  • Vacuum all the cat hair off the carpets and furniture…!!!!
  • Make sure Mr. S. sets up the drinks….and sit back and wait for the “folks” to come!

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  1. Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest

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    So what time should I be there? I love chili…we had chili last night! Enjoy the weekend! HAVE FUN!

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