What’s Wrong with this picture?

Nothing…except….when I went to get that beautiful big wreath out of the closet……

I couldn’t FIND it….

How can something that big…..


Go FIgure…..but it is NO Where to be found!!!!

Michael’s has a replacement for $40….and that is half off…..NOT Sweetwater Style…since the “missing” wreath was a $10 GW find many summers ago….SO there will be no wreath in the front window this year…

This will have to do!!!
Now on to making a BIG wreath….FOR NO Money!
The big sturdy grapevine wreath is the base…..
This has been around for a lot of years….and seen lots of reincarnations….
The greenery from Home Depot was FREE….in fact….when we went yesterday….
the guys kept telling me….take MORE!!!!
I just cut small clusters of greenery and stuck it into the grapevine…
and kept at it until the grapevine was covered evenly….

Because the wreath will be out there “blowin’ in the wind”….wrapping green floral wire around the whole wreath to secure the greenery seemed like a good idea!

The white frosted pine cones and bright red ribbon were all in the “holiday stash”….

Not bad for free……!
Now if anybody has any ideas where my other BIG wreath might have disappeared to….
let me know!
Have a Great Day!

0 comments on “BIG No Cost Wreath!

  1. Anonymous

    Hey, how about just retiring it, because this one looks really nice!!

  2. Maureen Wyatt

    When you find your wreath, will you check to see if the wooden reindeer my SIL made me is with it? You did a great job on that wreath and the price is certainly right!

  3. NanaDiana

    Oh- I hear you! How does something so danged big disappear? I have had that kind of stuff disappear, too. It is so aggravating! However, you recovered pretty nicely, I'd say. xo Diana

  4. Lynn

    Disappearing item happen all the time around here but the new decoration is very nice.

  5. ~Lavender Dreamer~

    I love the one you made and the other one will probably show up now. I was looking for a big candle I thought I had gotten out. Today when I was taking some photos…I spotted it! haha! I have stuff everywhere! lol