We needed 8 centerpieces for the tables at the staff party last weekend!
My budget for decor……basically $0….we wanted to spend our money on food!
What to do?
These little cuties were the perfect answer.
It just took a little planning ahead….
The wheat grass got planted in 8 pots of a similar color….I used greens and golds!
(Good thing I buy lots of pots at GoodWill)
The grass needs about a week in a sunny window to grow to the height of 4 inches.
I really splurged and bought a bunch of daisies at the grocery store for $7.99.
Normally….I think those bright-artificially dyed flowers are really ugly….
but for our “Taco Fiesta” theme the colors seemed just right.
The next step was tucking a 2 inch cube of floral foam in the center of the pots….
Then….the flowers….
Then a little curling ribbon….
Here they are….waiting to go the party!!!

Wheatgrass Centerpieces
 It is funny….I never have any pictures of the actual parties I go to…..maybe that is because I would rather BE at the party than take pictures….but then I am sad that I don’t have pictures.
I will try to get some from the people I saw running around with cameras….
Anyway….the food was great….
because we could use the budgeted dollars for that instead of decorations…!
AND….cheap looked pretty good don’t ya think?
Fresh flowers
 Have a Great Day!

0 comments on “Simple Centerpieces on the Cheap!

  1. Anonymous

    So pretty and Springlike! Yes, please bring on Spring, lol!

  2. pattybaby

    Beautiful! Whatever are they going to do without you when you retire??

  3. Cheapchick

    Amazingly cheap centerpieces, even if you had to buy the pots it would still be inexpensive. Very nice!

  4. NanaDiana

    Mary- I think those centerpieces looked amazing AND the price was just right! xo Diana

  5. Nicole

    Those are so pretty! I can't wait until spring!

  6. Julia Terpstra

    Oh my goodness, I have to do this for Easter! They look perfect for your theme… and anyone can do this with some planning ahead! GREAT JOB and thanks for sharing the idea!!! jules

  7. Consie @ Atop Serenity Hill

    These are so pretty! The planning ahead part might be a bit of a problem…LOL!

  8. Charlene@APinchofJoy

    Cheap is really being frugal and it looks great! Bet it was a fun party! Thanks so much for sharing on Busy Monday!


    These are just beautiful. I have to do this soon!!