We are getting ready to head to Mexico!

With all the cold and snow here it is a dream to think of warm sun, relaxing surf etc. etc.!

I can’t wait to practice using my “limited” Spanish in true immersion style!

Maybe you remember that I am the Library Media Specialist in a Spanish Immersion School.

One of the hard parts of my job is finding good interactive immersion activities that are fun and educational.

Since the resources are limited……we decided to create some ourselves!

I thought you might enjoy a peek at a super fun project that my friend Kim and I have been working on for the last few months.  We got a grant to build an interactive website for Kindergarten kids…..

Maybe you will be able to use this with a young person you know who wants to learn Spanish!

Here is the link KINDER RESOURCES
Each of the photos takes you to a page with lots and lots and lots of fun activities.
The kids spend hours hanging out here,becoming better Spanish Speakers while “playing” on the site!

There are songs, stories and vocabulary activities galore!

Along the way….Kim and I have had a blast creating this resource!

One of the unexpected and truly positive outcomes of the project is how blogging has become a part of the process!

Kim now uses a blog format for her weekly newsletter…..the parents love it!  She posts photos and news as well as links to Immersion information.

I have started using a blog to communicate with my students…..It is almost like speaking with them…they love it and are able to connect to the links I make from home!

Tonight we are off to present our project to the School Board and the Foundation…..it will be fun to show it off….

I was so excited to learn that my little Grand Niece will be starting Kindergarten in a Spanish Immersion Program this Fall…..I bet you can guess that I will be sharing the website with her so she will be “the smartest” one in HER class!!

Have a Great Day!

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