Is the question of whether or not to use artificial flowers something you struggle with?

Well…..I try to use fresh flowers most of the time…..but sometimes I end up breaking down….as you will see with the Mantle Makeover below.

When I write a post….the librarian in me ends up doing a little research….which usually results in me finding other posts on my subject…..usually better written and illustrated!

Case in point this post titled  Stop the Ugly! a funny post about silk flowers worth a read!

Now on with the Mantle Redo for “Almost Spring”!

Remember the transitional mantle that I did after taking down the Holiday Decorations?
It was starting to look a little too wintery now that March has arrived!
The greenery was pretty crispy, even though it lasted 2 whole months!
It was time to put away the pinecones!

Just a few changes….and now the mantle looks like this!

Yup….I broke down and used SOME FAKES!

These Forsythia branches don’t look so bad…..especially with the little pots of real grass!

I took the grapevine wreath apart and dug through my stash of artificial flowers to add some touches of Spring!

 Do you see the sunshine on the grass…..that is what really makes me happy….it means that the sun is FINALLY moving far enough to the north to shine into our north facing family room!

Spring is truly on the way….
since I am really NOT a flower snob….
maybe Mr. S. will remember to buy some REAL flowers when he is grocery shopping!
We shall see!
So what is your take on fake vs. real flowers?
I would love to hear your thoughts!
Have a great day!

6 comments on “Are Artificial Flowers Tacky?

  1. Suzan Sweatman

    I have a post going up tomorrow on this same topic LMHO !!!
    I seldom use artificial flowers ( but sometimes they work, most definitely )
    And I just asked hubbyif he would pick up flowers this week when he does the groceries too!!!
    Too funny!

  2. Suzan Sweatman

    Sorry – got so caught up in the similarities that I forgot to tell you how pretty yours look!
    Beautiful job on the wreath!

  3. Our Neck of the Woods

    I like artificial flowers! I always hear people say don't use them, but I use them in my home and I think they look great (yours look great, too!).

    Visiting from Sunny Simple Sunday 🙂

  4. Sally Young

    What a great question! When I visit Pottery Barn their displays of faux flowers look amazing and inspiring…then I go to a craft store to recreate something similiar and I come away empty handed as everything looks garish and over done!!
    Your display is lovely, maybe mixing some faux with the real thing is the way to go!

    just stopped by from Mollie On Mondays.

  5. Jeanette Chaney

    This is a topic I've been wondering about too. I love the look of yours.
    I'm having a link party at Homa Style that ends Tuesday evening.
    I would love you to link up!
    The link to the party is

    I help promote links to my parties by additional links to facebook, twitter, or pinterest.

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