fresh food
Last summer we purchased a share in a CSA
(Community Supported Agriculture).
It was great having fresh vegetables arrive every week.
We tried some new things and overall enjoyed the experience.
It was a bit of a hassle making sure we had someone to pick up the delivery….
And since we split it up 4 ways….sometimes it felt like it was hard to give everyone their FAIR share!
We are gonna try something new this year….
Since someone in the family goes to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Markety every week….
farmer's market
We are going to take turns buying veggies to share….
that way we can choose the stuff that we like….and buy enough to share equally!
This will still support the local growers….
fresh flowers
 I will get ample opportunity to buy a few flowers too!
Speaking of food grown locally….and the reason the title of this post is Green Garden Jealousy…
Let me tell you a little about one of the Sweetwater Brothers….he is a serious Permaculturist
I can’t begin to understand all of the nuances of permaculture or sustainable urban horticulture….
All I know is that he grows the most amazing food with no pesticides and very little irrigation.

Check out this clip of him harvesting in my mom’s front yard in Florida!  She has the prettiest, no mow yard in town!  Ahh….but then she does have a full time gardener!!!

Pretty amazing huh?!  I think it is pretty funny that the Co-op Market he takes his crops to each week is “The Sweetwater Co-op”….small coincidental world!

Triolife Planter

Well, now you know why I have Green Garden Jealousy….I will plant my little raised bed planters on the deck with some greens and herbs and be satisfied with trips to the Farmer’s Market!

At least I won’t be providing healthy snacks for the rabbits and deer!

Have a great day!