One of the most annoying parts of modern life is the number of cables and cords it takes to keep all of our communications running….

I dream of the day when EVERYTHING can be run wirelessly…..

BUT….until that day arrives….

Cords exist….
Cables need to be hidden….

OR….to quote Mr. S…..”You just need to get over it!!!”

Well…I lust after those entertainment systems with the FlatScreen Mounted on the wall and all of the cords in some magical place inside the wall!

Like this…..

Or this amazing built in….. 
Alas….that is probably not going to happen in the near future!
I have been looking at this mess since we rearranged the family room last summer….
I spent lots of time rearranging the baskets to hide the cords…..only to have Marvin knock them down….so the view from the couch was pretty ugly!!
Last weekend, I decided “Enough is Enough!”
In true “Sweetwater Style” …..I wasn’t gonna spend any money….and I wasn’t gonna do anything tooooo difficult!
HMMMMMM…..The solution turned out to be BURLAP!!!!!
Look and See!

Yup….I just cut 2 pieces of burlap that were wide enough to overlap in the center of the table and  long enough to reach the floor and puddle a bit.

I used some heavy duty thumb tacks to attach the fabric to the inside of the table top…..

Then I carefully (well not real carefully) rearranged all the cords behind the fabric!
The overlap in the center was the trick to making this a simple task.
I rearranged the baskets….in hope that Marvin will stay away!
But the burlap  just fades into the background with nary a cord in sight!
The whole project took less than an hour….including dusting and untangling!
And the cost…..almost nada!
Have a Great Day!

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