Primrose Path

The primrose path refers to someone living a life of ease and pleasure. Not to be confused with “led up the ‘garden path'”, which is an idiom suggesting that one is being deceived or led astray.

It would be nice to think that at Sweetwater we live that life of ease….and frolic down the Primrose Path…..

But it seems that with the weather forecast for 10 inches of snow on April 11th…..we are actually being deceived into thinking Spring will ever come!

I took a quick trip to Home Depot this weekend to find me some little bits of Spring for indoors!!!!

There are obviously NO little bits of Spring outdoors around here!

I bought 3 little yellow Primrose plants….$2.97 each…
Put them in the copper pot from Goodwill that I found for $7…
Stuffed some raffia around the edges to hide the pots….
(Marvin is soooo happy to have something new to play with on the counter!)
And there is a little bit of sunshine on the island!
Here is a little trick to keeping these cheery plants looking good and lasting until they can be planted outdoors!
It is all about “dead heading”…..and with primroses you need to be super diligent about this!
Every single flower that is wrinkling up needs to be plucked off……every day!
This lets the new buds keep blooming…..
This goes for the leaves as well!

Doesn’t that look better?!

If you stay with this….and water them well… can keep them healthy and add them to your perennial border.

The Sweetwater garden has many years worth of Primroses that bloom all spring!

Too funny…..I think this awful weather is actually affecting Mr. S. too!
He arrived home from a trip to the grocery store last night….
Brought these little Gerbera Daisies for little old me!!!!

They look so cheerful you can ALMOST ignore all the snow in the background!

Have A Nice Day!
And….I hope YOUR weather is better than OUR weather!!!

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