This was the view before me just a week ago as I sat on the deck drinking my coffee…..


If I was silly enough to go out on the deck to drink coffee THIS morning….

This would be the vista before me….!

Yup….that is snow on April 7th!

This Spring seems to be one that will never actually arrive!

Oh well….at least I have my vacation tan!
But….if the sun never starts shining in Minnesota…that tan will soon disappear!

The sun in Mexico is so intense….I use SPF70 the whole time we are there and still sometimes get a little burned!

Because I want to blend in and not look like the pasty skinned tourist that I am in reality….
I rely on a self-tanner….

Yeah, I know….yuck…, smelly and messy! 
But I found the absolute best self tanner I have ever used!
Self Tanner
 This stuff is amazing….it has olive undertones as opposed to the usual orange….and that really makes it look more natural!
Here is the link at Amazon: 

Then I use this cool applicator mitt… is lined with plastic so your hands don’t get all messy and the spongy side smooths out the lotion and keeps you from missing spots!

 Here is that link on Amazon:

So….even if Spring never arrives in Minnesota…..I can still look like I just got back from a vacation in Mexico….

Oh….wait….I DID just get back from a vacation in Mexico!
Wanna see the pics?
Manzanillo Mexico

Have A Great Day!!!