You gotta love Sunflowers!
Big bright and beautiful!
Alas….at Sweetwater….
The Deer like to munch on Sunflower leaves…
Sometimes I grow them on the deck…
Once in a while a few “volunteers” hide long enough to set blooms…
But I have given up trying to plant seeds and
hope for a nice crop….
So I have to buy them “gasp” !
Usually at the Farmer’s Market…
This week Mr. S. brought a nice bunch home from the grocery store!
Sunflowers are hard to arrange in a vase….
They are big, floppy and hard to keep upright….
This is one flower that doesn’t do well stuck in florist foam or a frog….
Here is the Sweetwater trick for making this quick nice looking arrangement!
First off….you need an opaque vase….not a clear one!
This Haeger vase from Goodwill is the perfect size and shape for a Sunflower Bouquet!
Fill it with water….
Add a couple three paper towels…..let them soak up the water!
Stick the whole bunch of Sunflowers in the wet paper towels….
let the paper toweling support the stems as you arrange the flower heads….
Gather the stems together and tie with a big bunch of Raffia….
 How’s that for a tutorial!
and oh yeah….Thanks for the flowers Mr. S!
 Have a Great Weekend Everyone!