Are you getting married?

Are you the mother, sister, friend of a bride starting to plan for the big day?
We are lucky enough to be attending three weddings this summer.
Can’t wait to be part of the culmination of all the work that I know goes into making a wedding memorable.

This got me walking down the memory lane of our daughter’s wedding.
Of course-we did it Sweetwater Style!

We had so much fun….and not just on the wedding day.
The planning and preparations were just as enjoyable…maybe because my daughter is the furthest thing from a Bridezilla as she could be!

She knew that they wanted the focus of the event to be on the guests and the gathering.
She knew they wanted to be as cost efficient as possible.
She knew they wanted to have fun!

Peony arrangement in a Goodwill find!


The Wedding took place at my brother’s farm…“Willow Ridge Gardens”. This beautiful acreage had everything we wanted.  The gardens created living flower arrangements.  We purchased NO extra flowers.  All the centerpieces and the bridal bouquet were made from peonies from the Sweetwater garden.

Guests mingle before the ceremony!

The reception was actually “before” the wedding.  Cocktails and a light supper were available as guests arrived.  People were free to eat, drink and mingle around the beautiful grounds.