“It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.”
Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy-Tacy and Tib
What a wonderful quote….and if you haven’t let your kids (probably only girl kids) discover the enchanting series of books by Maud Hart Lovelace….you need to get to the library!  I spent more than one Summer day curled up on the lawn reading these charming stories set at the turn of the century (20th) in a small Minnesota town….pure innocence!
Now….I choose the deck for my Summer Reading….and maybe some of that is NOT so purely innocent….gasp!
Anyway….here is the way the three year old cushions on the deck chairs looked yesterday!
Not toooo shabby….but they are a little faded and have some weather stains….
Since it is Summer….I do spend a little time shopping in the fabric store….another gasp!
Looky see the fabric I found….

I am totally in love with this pattern…and the colors look great with the brighter flowers we planted this year….

I thought I bought enough to do a box cushion for the bench AND the 2 chairs…..but ALAS…I was short by a couple of feet!

So on another fabric store jaunt…..I found this print!

I actually think it is more fun to have two different patterns with the same color wave…..

The first project was to make one of my ALMOST NO SEW box cushions….check out the full tutorial for these Here Almost NO SEW BOX CUSHION TUTORIAL.

I purposely bought a smaller cushion insert so that there is room on the sides to put down a drink….and have some place for a plant or two.

There is fabric left over….maybe for pillows….or placemats….hmmmm…projects for another day.

Now on to the tutorial for the Deck Cushion Shams!

I decided to make shams that will easily come off to be laundered!

Step 1:  Cut the fabric….wouldn’t you know it….I only bought 2 yards because it was a little spendy at $10 a yard….I figured that would be enough…..but it was NOT long enough….
It was plenty wide with 6 inches to spare on the side……

Step 2:  Solve THAT problem by stitching a piece of the extra fabric onto the end to make the length go around the cushion.

Step 3: Make the ties…..I serged 8 long strips…..2 for the top, 2 for the sides for each cushion.  These are stitched into the side seams.  I used the old cushion to determine the placement of the ties.
Step 4: (Optional)  I wanted to make sure that when I wash the cushions, the edges won’t fray.  So I used my serger to finish all of the edges.
If you don’t have a serger….don’t bother with this!
Step 5: Lay the old cushion down and fold the fabric around to meet in the middle.  Fold the extra fabric in on one side to make a nice tuck on the back.

Step 6:  Pin the ties on at the right spots and mark the width of the seams on each side.
Step 7:  Turn right sides together and pin everything nice and flat and secure.  You will have a big rectangle with the flap overlapping and the ties on the right side of the fabric facing in.
Step 8:  Use some sort of tool to make sure that your seams will be straight….something I have learned from thinking I was going to be able to “eyeball” a straight line and ending up with crooked, puckered seams….arghhhh….So take this advice!!!  I actually draw the line with a pencil!!!!
Step 9:  Stitch the 2 side seams along the pencil line…..yep the whole project only takes 4 straight seams….
Step 10:  Turn it right sides out…..flatten and press well…pushing the corners nice and sharp.
Step 11:  Insert the old cushion into the new sham…..using the nice open fold over in the middle of the back.  You will need to do a little pushin’ and shovin’ to get the old cushion to lay flat!

Step 12:  Put the new cushions on the chairs and tie them on…..

Maybe Step 13 should be to pour a drink for yourself and tie one on!!!!

Marvin thinks I made the bench cushion “Just for him”!!!!

Project cost…..$30 with fabric leftover for placemats or pillows….
Time…..2 hours
Payoff….bright cheery cushions and a new cat bed!!!
Have a Great Day!

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  1. Ruth Hill

    Of course, it looks like your cat really appreciates your hard work! I understand. We have 14 of them, but that's another story. Great post, by the way. I am following you from Moms Mingle. Check out my blog, if you like:

  2. Connie Nelson

    I love those fabrics too! It's good to get to know you 🙂 New GFC follower and FB liker stopping by from Mom's Monday Mingle.

  3. -TWE

    Great post – and at just the right time. I've been wanting to recover my back porch cushions but the fabric store said they would need to have the cushions for at least 4 weeks! So, what am I supposed to do for 4 weeks while they have the cushions?! I may have to give your quick cover up a try instead. Thanks!
    I found you on Mom's Monday Mingle. My post is for homemade healthy Reece's :-> I hope you'll check it out! Here's the link: http://noskinnies.com/blog/2013/6/24/a-healthy-reese-whaaaa.
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  4. Nikki

    Those are great prints, they look like they go nicely together! I love the box cushion that is shorter than the bench, I was thinking that was a coincidence. You're a smart, "crafty" lady!

  5. Justynn Yagiela

    love the new pattern!

    Thanks for linking up the to Friend Connect Blog Hop today!

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