I just had to share this treasure I found on my last trip to Bonne Volanté (or Good Will)!
One of the best things about thrift store shopping for clothes….
The chance to take a risk!!!
So this is the conversation I was having in my head when I saw this brown Yoga top and Pants:
“Ohh….look this Yoga outfit still has the tags on it!”
“That brown is one of the go to colors I like.”
“But, seriously…..don’t you think you are a little old for bedazzled clothes”
“Yeah…but the fabric is super soft and stretchy….and the pants have a cut-off hem so it would be easy to shorten them…..”
“But…..there is writing and painting and stuff all over them… and the outfit would be a whole $10!”
“$10…..that isn’t even the price of a bottle of decent wine!”
“OKAY….I am gonna do it!”
So….I splurged and spent the ten bucks….

The Hoodie is super cute and nice and long….

 The pants will be easy to shorten…..just cut them off and leave the edges just like they are now……

See the tag….$4.99….now that is really the symbol for Happiness!

But now….The Rest of The Story!
I was curious about the brand of this outfit…..so of course….I researched and found out that indeed, my $10 Yoga outfit…..was a bit pricier retail!
Turns out that ZENsei is some pretty fancy stuff….sold at exclusive spas and hotel gift shops!
I couldn’t even find an outfit as fancy as my new one…..
This plain Hoodie…..a mere $150.00 
Yeah…you read right….$150!
And the pants….with no embellishment…..$115!
Go Figure….$265 bucks just to do YOGA in!
Well….the fabric is pretty soft and comfy….but REALLY???!
I guess my $10 risk paid off….what do you think?
Have A Great Day!

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0 comments on “Goodwill Treasure Yoga Outfit!

  1. ~Lavender Dreamer~

    WOWZA! That is fabulous! You did amazing! What a great buy and something cute you'll enjoy, too!

  2. Barb S.

    You definitely bought an awesome deal!