It is a gorgeous summer day here at Sweetwater!  I thought you might like to see what’s BLOOMING around here!

The flowers are pretty gorgeous right now…..but there is more to our life than having dinner parties and enjoying our flowers!

We seem to be doing a lot of small and annoying maintenance tasks around Sweetwater these days.

We bleached the mildew of the siding….actually kind of fun…a grown up way of playing in the sprinkler on a hot day!

And while we were at it….we scrubbed the deck so now all the green slime is gone and it looks nice and bright!

Then, I have been working on refinishing the Adirondack Chairs….at least now I can since I got a new sander to replace the one that I burned the transmission out on!  They are turning our great!  Actually…I will do a longer post about the whole process another day.

Mr. S put these little screens in all the gutters….standing on the ladder with a tin snips….bless his heart!
And….I put mulch in the gardens to cover up the weeds!!!!
And then……
I was “just sittin'” in my newly “summerized” powder room…..admiring the new rug I found that just perfectly matches the little paisley towel…..SEEE?
AND…..I realized that my feet AND the new rug were getting wet!!!!  EWWWW!
 It is a very good thing that I know someone who “speaks toilet”!   
So after a couple of days of drying out the wood floor….Mr. S fixed that problem…..with only 2 trips to the hardware store! AND….who said Flowers and Jewelry were the way to a girl’s heart?
So enough about MAINTAINING!!!
Out to the garden!
We always wait and wait to see the Lillies in Bloom….
And the Deer always wait and wait until the blooms are tasty little morsels…and then they chomp them off….in fact even when we spray obnoxious smelling stuff on them….they take a bite….and spit them on the ground!  
This year we seemed to have found something that is working….(at least until they get used to the taste….)  

It is called Ortho DEER B GON

and it even smells a little like cinnamon!!

We have been religious about going out to spray the Lillies….just the Lillies….as we figure that to spray everything is futile!!! (and expensive!)

This year we are actually getting a chance to see the Lillies in bloom!
(Maybe the fairies in my new Fairy Garden are working their magic on the deer?!)
 You probably noticed that I didn’t take pictures of the weeds….and there are certainly enough of those out there….
But I am not in the mood for any more MAINTAINING…..I think a nice glass of ice tea up on the clean shiny deck…..way up too high to see the weeds….is a better option!
Have a Great Day!

0 comments on “A Bloomin’ Great Day!

  1. Kathleen

    Mary I use deer out and it has been good for us.
    I order it on line at It is about a hundred dollars, but it is a concentrate, so you get a lot out of it.
    Also, have you tried the Olympic Deck wash. You spray it on with a garden sprayer, then rinse off. Works great, no more power washing.

  2. Mary-Sweetwater Style

    THanks for the tips on the deer repellent. I will try that when we run out of this. How does it smell?? And I had someone else tell me about the Olympic Deck wash. Sounds worth a try.