I am well old enough to have learned to read using the SIGHT WORD method of instruction.

Good Old Dick Jane and Sally were staples in the classroom for me….

Part of the SIGHT WORD way of learning reading and math was a reliance on flash cards.

I still remember the competitive flash card drills we did.

I almost always won the reading drills….

Not so much with the math though!

 When I started teaching….again….pretty long ago…..flashcards were a big part of the way I taught my students.

I had boxes of them….. but since I never thought those boxes had the RIGHT words….
I made a lot of my own with those smelly magic markers!!!

Now….”Vintage” Flashcards are all the rage in Home Decor!!!
I guess that means that I am VINTAGE!!!

 At an antique show that I attended this Spring….there were lots of vintage flash cards for sale.

I probably should have bought some….

But of course I was too thrifty (CHEAP)!

So in true Sweetwater Style…..I decided to channel my schoolteacher….

I AM a very “with it” 21st century educator… no more Magic Markers (although I do kind of miss the smell 🙂 !

So I opened my word processing program and got to work!

The steps are easy…..but if you want….just print out the free PDF I have linked at the bottom of the post and print that on manila colored card stock!

  • Use Word or another WordProcessing program that let’s you draw a shape.
  • I made my rounded corner shape 2 1/2 inches by 6 3/4 inches.
  • I let the border of the shape be evident as a guide for cutting.
  •  I did a lot of exploring with fonts and finally ended up using Century Schoolbook because it seemed to have the right vintage look.
  • Type the words and place them where ever you want on the shape.
  •  Print the pages out…
  • Trim just inside the line….
  • DONE!

I put my new flashcards on the Chalkboard that is on the wall heading to the lower level. 
Pretty Cute….
But look at all these other fun ways that OTHER people have used flashcards:
Over at Whisper Woods Cottage you can fine this and other fun ideas…..


 At Design Sponge I found this clever way to frame several flashcards to “Make a Statement”!

 Ooooh….I downloaded and saved the free printable Halloween Flashcards… I just have to remember that I have them in four months!!!!

Hop over to Sweetly Scrapped to get your own.

 Here is the link to the PDF of the Sweetwater Summer Flashcards!  If the link doesn’t work for you….shoot me an email at bloomgren dot mary @ att dot net and I will send you the file.


 Have A Great Day…..I am off to practice using some of those summer words!

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  1. NanaDiana

    Those are GREAT! I learned to read with Dick & Jane, too…and Sally and Puff and Jump,Puff, Jump. Oh-How I loved that family! I really like that you made your own and the inspiration pieces you show here- xo Diana

  2. Katherines Corner

    these are terrific. Thank you for sharing at the hop xo

  3. heidi

    These look great. And I absolute love the let them eat cake sign out of the flashcards. Hope you have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings