Oh my….yesterday was one of those frustrating project days!
I had this idea for turning an old stump into a Fairy House….a post for another day…
But in the process….I MELTED my Glue Gun!
So….I decided to work on the ongoing process of refinishing the Adirondack chairs for the fire pit area….I have 2 of them almost sanded….
BUT then…..I BLEW out the transmission in the sander!!!!
SO  I decided to 
And….since I can’t show you any finished big projects….
I thought I could show you….
Seven Sweet Summer touches that did not result in frustration…

When the cover of this favorite book got water stained…I covered it  in burlap and attached a canvas print from a favorite page…tied on some burlap….and now it makes a nice addition to the table in the living room….Ahhh….Summer!

This picnic basket is a “GoodWill Score” for $6.99.  It is in perfect shape and even came with a set of dishes….and a corkscrew!
 Now….Mr. S. says…”When do we ever go on a picnic?”
I say…..”Well…we can always use another corkscrew!

This tray is sitting on the family room coffee table.  The hurricane lanterns, shells and sea glass have a real “beachy” feel.  You might wonder about the bow on the platter…NOT just a decoration….it is hiding the chip that keeps me from using the platter for serving food!  I DO need to buy some new candles though!

 On to the mantle in the family room…. 
This has more of the “beachy” feel…..just a little updating from last year!  Remember the “faux” starfish made out of playdough?  If not you can read that post here!  Those starfish can still fool the eye, even after being stored for a year!  I took a trip to the garage to look through the wood pile….and found this post….perfect for a fake piling once I wrapped some rope around it.

The bakers rack is pretty “fowl”…sorry bout that!
I have that fun wire rooster from GoodWill…with a little framed art piece and an old fruit label printed and framed….
My favorite Fitz and Floyd Rooster plate sits conveniently ready for serving Caprise Salad!
And the stack of Fitz and Floyd salad plates are also ready to grab and use.

What is summer without fresh fruit on the counter….I love this little berry bowl that has holes in it to keep the fruit from spoiling….A GoodWill find of course…Now if I could just get Mr. S to stop grabbing the grapes and leaving the ugly stems….Don’t you just hate that?

I have these cool metal planters….that are perfect for little potted plants….I made little burlap planter covers to hide the plastic nursery plants….easy to change out when and if the Gerbera Daisies do the typical….and stop blooming!!!!  It is a good thing that the nurseries are starting to have  all their plants on super cheap sales!!!

Well….there you have it….some little touches….not big projects….that are keeping my frustrations from yesterday in perspective!!!
A new sander is on it’s way from Amazon and should arrive tomorrow!
I am on my way for a Michael’s shopping trip to get a new glue gun….
I will keep you posted!!!
In the meantime…..I hope you can keep your frustrations in perspective…
And Have a Great Day!!

0 comments on “Seven Sweet Summer Touches!

  1. NanaDiana

    Mary- I love your SEVEN wonderful things. I think you should pack a picnic lunch and put it right smack dab in the middle of the table! lol xo Diana

    ps. I didn't know you COULD melt a hot glue gun- xo Diana

  2. Lynn

    Thanks for sharing your seven touches. Enjoy your 4th!

  3. Karen

    Love all your pretty touches! The picnic basket is adorable. I'm on the lookout for one on my thrifting forays. Love the ventilated berry bowl, too. I usually cut the grapes into little clumps. That way people can take a small handful and throw away the stems. 😉