How wonderful to wake up to much cooler weather.
We turned off the air conditioner and opened up the house!
Now I suppose I need to get out and pull some weeds….

Before I head out to the garden, I wanted to share

The Sweetwater Daughter’s Law Partner had her baby this past week.

A trip to GW and I scored this box of birth announcements for $1.99

 A little time with the word processor and the printer…..

The results are some pretty cute personalized stationery for the new arrival!

I used the box that came with them…..

A little ribbon from the “ribbon stash”

A little bit of cellophane and raffia….

Fun and thrifty Baby Gift!

This little gadget is called a Garlic Twist.  
We got ours as a gift….but you can find one at any Kitchen store or Amazon.
You just put the garlic clove in the bottom….put the top on and twist!
Perfectly minced garlic!
I discovered that it works to mince ginger…
I used it to mince lemon peel for a garnish!

A quick summer look for the back cushions on the living room chairs…
The dark red….”hot” looking and feeling pillows weren’t looking very summery!
Using the “pillow sham” technique and some khaki colored stretch twill from my “fabric stash” made this a fast 30 minute project.
Somehow….leaning against this cooler fabric just feels better during these dog days of Summer.

The Hosta leaves in this planter (a glass container inside holds the water)  almost look like a house plant!

A variety of different leaves from the different Hostas are interesting to look at….

They last for more than a week!

Z is for Zinnia!  I love this flower….
When they start blooming….I can’t wait to start making bouquets!

 In fact….I love them so much….
I actually buy (gasp) bouquets of them at the Farmer’s Market!
Somehow….their plants never get the icky brown spots that will inevitably attack MINE!

Oooh….I wish you had “Smell-a-vision” on your computer!
This Lemon Verbena plant is thriving in the hot weather!
I have been doing a little research about this herb….
I want to try making lemon verbena water!
Do any of you have any suggestions for ways to use it?
I would love to hear about them!
This last “sweet thing” is actually not so sweet!
Remember the cute french printed burlap that I put on the baker’s rack?
Well….the backing I used….DID NOT WORK!
It got all wrinkled and puckery….not Sweetwater Style in the least!
So I made simple “Shelf mats” with a double thickness of plain burlap!
Then I reglued the rope from the old ones on….
I guess this will have to do!!!

The garden full of weeds is calling my name!
Hope you all have a “sweet” day!

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  1. ~Lavender Dreamer~

    I love all of your sweet ideas. I could use one of those mincers! Love the pretty cards you personalized, too and the new pillow cover! I need to get busy around here!

  2. Val Young


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