Oh Wow! Wait ’til you see my latest “Bonne Volanté” (Goodwill) Scores!
I was feeling a little sad yesterday when I had to miss out on a Goodwill Shopping Spree that some of my friends were having!  I couldn’t get there in time to join them….(then it turns out that the party got cancelled anyway!)
So later in the afternoon….I headed out on my own to do some back to school clothes shopping!  It turns out that this was way better at the “Bonne Volanté Boutique” than any retail store!
First…I thought this little flower frog would be the highlight of my trip!  It is going in the gift closet for a gift for a flower loving friend someday! 
Then…off to the rack of black pants…you can never have too many black pants….RIGHT?
I don’t look at each pair of pants…I run my hands through looking for “good feeling fabric”! 
I felt something that seemed like a high quality knit….
…could it be?
A pair of Black Wook Knit “ST. JOHN COLLECTION” Pants just the right size!  $4.99!
If you aren’t familiar with St. John Collection…..leave it to say this is pretty high end stuff!
You could buy a pair just like them for a mere $700…
Even better….I have the matching Blazer in my closet from Goodwill…$15…and THAT would retail at over $1000.

You do the math!!!!  A St. John’s Suit for $20 saving me $1680…..
And the knit is this amazing stuff…
You actually feel thinner when you wear it!  (Maybe that would be worth the price….NOT)
The 2 pieces are a perfect match because St. John never changes the fabric or the color!!!
That wasn’t all!
The fashion magazines are saying that Navy Blue is one of this season’s trend colors.
This pair of Navy Ann Taylor stretch cotton pants cost $3.99!
A pair of silk trousers from Ann Taylor….in my favorite beige…$8.00
I am a sucker for anything Eileen Fisher…..so I just had to splurge and spend the $12 for this lovely taupe jacket!  Now you know that retails somewhere over $200!
I put the Eileen Fisher Silk top I got for $10 at a consignment shop under it…
Pretty Fancy!!!
And you gotta love this Maxi Dress from Ann Taylor!
Last but not least…

For those more casual days…..this shirt has such cool colors and I love anything PLAID!

Let’s see…..less than Fifty Dollars…..and I feel like I’ve been on a Shopping Spree in the finest stores…..well maybe I have been shopping in a fine store:  “Bonne Volanté!
What have you scored at the Thrift Store Lately?
Share your bargain hunting stories….they are always fun to hear!
and another thing….
I would love some suggestions from other bloggers about ways to photograph clothing!
I am not into being the “model”….
I kind of doubt Mr. S. would have the patience to be the fashion photographer at Sweetwater anyway….!!!!
So if you have a creative way to take pictures of clothing…..please share!
Have A Great Day!

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  1. Cathy McNeal

    Great Finds and very Cute! Love it All!

  2. Crystal Dark

    Those are really nice suits you have there and a good find. anyway…I am just checking out blogs, and seeing how everyone is doing! I am not new but been around and now I am following you on BlogLovin (found your blog from bloggy moms) from http://www.armytankerswife.com feel free to stop by sometime and check me out! C

  3. Sarah-Louise Bailey

    Oh wow can I come bargain shopping with you please they all look amazing!!

    Thank you for link up with the I Love My Post Blog Hop

    Life in a Break Down

  4. Anonymous

    Where I live even a Thrift shops got very pricey now. Cheapest would be $4.99 for a clothing without any particular brand name. You are lucky. Great finds!