Halloween is coming….Halloween is coming!
and here at Sweetwater….we have been too busy traveling to do much decorating!
I will share about our fun trip to the “City of New Orleans” on the train of the same name in a couple of days….

but for now I thought I would revisit some of the Halloween posts and tutorials from the past!

 I guess you could call these “Ghost Posts” of Halloween’s Past (sorry Mr. Dickens 🙂  )

From silly to spooky…reading Halloween tales is a great way to get in the spirit of Halloween!  Here are some of the books I will be reading to kids in the next couple of weeks.  HALLOWEEN READ-A-LOUD list.

 Check out my quick directions for making these “witchy” looking Halloween books….

You still have time…the total investment is  the cost of the cardboard books and a little paint!


 Somebody pinned this post about my trick for making pumpkins last…..and it has been getting so many hits…I figured I needed to link that on this redux post!

Tip to Make Pumpkins Last until Thanksgiving!

 Just a few artificial stems and the hot glue gun add a bit of elegance to  this plastic pumpkin….see how I did this in this “Ghost Post”!

Touches of Fall Post

This printable is actually not from me but is available at Sweetly Scrapped to download for free….

I found it on an old post and it reminds me that I should probably get myself busy and print some for ME!!!

Speaking of printables….these cute little plaques were super simple to create…

Check out the tutorial for them here….

  This arrangement of old bottles on a silver tray or mirror is a simple touch….

I did a post a couple years ago about “Halloween Decor….Empty Nester style” talking about scaled down decor now that we don’t have little ghosts and goblins hanging out around here….

Halloween Decor for Empty Nesters…

There you have it….some “Ghost Posts”…and actually…..reading these makes me think I will do a bit of decorating around here…..that is when I get the bags unpacked and the laundry done!

Have A Great Day!