October’s the month
When the smallest breeze
Gives us a shower
Of autumn leaves.
Bonfires and pumpkins,
Leaves sailing down —
October is red
And golden and brown.
~Author Unknown

This Fall, the weather in Minnesota has been sort of strange…..days in early October that felt more like summer….followed by freezes each night for several days.  That meant that the flowers were still blooming longer than usual and then….poof….they were gone!

Last Sunday I decided it was time to change out the flower pots and boxes…..but since it is already the end of October….I didn’t want to spend any money!

So if you are like me and have procrastinated about your outdoor decor….take a look, maybe my  “cheap” solution will inspire you.

The box of artificial fall foliage was sitting in the middle of the craft room floor, but I didn’t want the “totally fake” look that they would have….
I convinced Mr. S to take a break from his yard work…..and help me cut some branches from the Oak tree in the back…
Here is the NO COST result!

Just the addition of some “REAL” leaves makes the artificial leaves less “Fake Looking”! I couldn’t bring myself to rip out the plants that are still hanging on to summer… they are staying until they actually die!

The planters on the front steps got the same treatment…..along with some of the cattails I we picked and preserved earlier in the season.

Finally….a couple of artificial pumpkins (the big ones actually will get turned around tomorrow night and plugged in….they are Jack-o-Lanterns!!)

So with an hour or so of work (play) and absolutely NO MONEY…..the Fall Decor at Sweetwater is done!!! 

Have A Wonderful Halloween!