Trains, Planes and Automobiles!
You may remember the 1989 movie starring John Candy and Steve Martin…
if not you should rent it!!!
The Fall Getaway that Mr. S and took a couple of weeks ago DID
involve Planes….Trains….and Automobiles….oh and a BUS too!
But not in that order!

Come along and see Seven Sweet Things from our trip!

The PLAN was to take the TRAIN from Minnesota to Chicago to catch the City of New Orleans Train…
When the train from here ran 4 hours late….we were put on a very comfortable Charter Bus to Chicago!  Not a bad trip….but not too exciting! 
 And the bus arrived in Chicago in plenty of time for a brisk walk to a lovely bar for a drink before our train left!

We even had time to enjoy the Club Room at Union Station reserved for travelers with Sleeping Car reservations…..drinks, snacks, and comforatable seats…

Then a lovely time relaxing in the “spacious” accomodations on the train for the trip to New Orleans!

Oooh…New Orleans….and the view from our hotel balcony of this gorgeous city!

And would you believe?…..I have been ordering my favorite Carnation perfume from this little perfume shop for years…..and it was right on the corner by the hotel….first stop….even before we went for happy hour!

A rainy Saturday Morning walk through the French Quarter to find breakfast….and coffee of course!

We picked up the rental CAR….and headed out of New Orleans to see the bayou country!
We ended up touring this amazing restored sugarcane plantation.

We drove toward Mobile….but got to the hotel to late for anything special for dinner….but the chain restaurant had a wonderful southern menu….lots of crab!!  The next morning, we headed out to drive toward Pensacola….on the way we discovered Gulf Shores, Alabama!

And brunch on Pensacola Beach….

Back to Mobile……a great view of the sunset over Mobile Bay from our hotel balcony….
then dinner at a funky little restaurant….more crab for me!

Then a final morning tour of the SS Alabama Battleship!
and a quick look at downtown Mobile before heading to the airport to catch our PLANE!
One nice thing about having a blog….you actually document your vacation!
So I hope I didn’t bore you too much with our travelogue!

Have A Great Day!