What a busy week! 
We had the fun Make and Take Workshop at School!
Amazing how the scent of pine….seemed to revive us all after a long teaching day!
A flurry of ribbons, pine cones, greens and glue guns….
A great event….the 2nd annual….so I guess it has become a school tradition!
I finished decorating the dining room….
Date night with Mr. S…..the theater to see a great comedy….
it is a good thing that the play was entertaining or I probably would have nodded off in the darkness!
 The “adopt-a-family” drop off was Friday….so the packages needed to be wrapped, beribboned, labeled and bagged to be ready for Mr. S to take….
I have to admit it….by last night about all I could find energy for was a good dinner, a glass of wine and the comfy couch!   I needed to store up some energy for the weekend!
Would you believe….I have almost ALL my shopping left to do….AND we still don’t have a Christmas tree….
Ahhh….  “tis the season…..so I’d better not Pout!
Have A Great Day!