The Sweetwater Brother just reminded me that I was going to write a post about the door in the condo in Manzanillo!
You might be asking yourself…..”Why would you want to write a post about a door….in a vacation condo?”
The answer to that is that the doorway to the master bathroom and the master bedroom was a bit awkward!

adjective: awkward
1. causing difficulty; hard to deal with
difficult, tricky;

cumbersome, unwieldy, inconvenient, inappropriate, inopportune, difficult
synonyms: embarrassing, uncomfortable, unpleasant, delicate, tricky, problematic, troublesome, thorny;
antonyms: easy, convenient
The Problem: 
The original configuration of the master bathroom was that it was open to the master bedroom.
The renovation that was done created a “water closet” for the toilet.
The main door to the master bedroom is positioned in such a way that it made adding a “water closet” door impossible because the two doors would have been in conflict!
The Solution: 

Add two-way hinges to the door so that it could close the bedroom door AND close the “water closet”!

The door has two sets of hinges and the door is sized perfectly so that it allows you to close both doorways perfectly depending on which way the door swings!
 When privacy from the main living area is needed….the door can be closed.

 When privacy to the toilet area is need the door closes in that direction!

That is definitely a BRILLIANT solution!
Very elegant!

This was done by professionals in Mexico….but I can’t imagine that it would be to hard as a DYI project!

Have A Great Day…..and I wish you NO Awkward Moments today!