Fall is certainly in the air this morning! 
50 degrees…..brrrr….but it is beautifully bright and sunny!
Slowly but surely, the decor around here is also changing seasons.

This  summer beach scene is nice…..but you know me….I can’t leave well enough alone!

 Here is the link to the post about how I created this from a photo!  Inexpensive Wall Art

And here is the link to the post about the iPad APP that made it possible to do!
Waterlogue A Fun New Photo App

Finding this photo in the hundreds and hundreds of pictures on my computer actually took LONGER than the rest of the project!

I KNEW it was there somewhere….but where???

SOMEDAY….I am going to organize them….hmmm,,,,is there an APP for THAT?!

Back to the project….

I played around with the different water color effects in the APP until I hit on one hat I liked.

Then I used iPiccy (the on line photo editing program)  to crop and resize it!
I uploaded it to Walgreen’s to have it printed as a 16 x 20 Poster!
There was a coupon that day so it only cost $10.00!
Since the old beach picture is the exact same size….
And I will probably want to use it again….
I just popped the fall image over the summer image!
 Hmmm….I am already thinking about the possibilities for the Winter Look for this frame!
Arghh….did I just say the word WINTER!!!!
I think instead….let’s just enjoy FALL!
BTW…I was going to offer a free download of the print….but I can’t get my Google to share anything bigger than 500K.  If you would like a copy of this image, just make a comment below and I will send it to you!  
Have A Wonderful Day!
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