Sadly….Halloween is cancelled at Sweetwater this year!
We were away on our trip for most of October…
and now the house is completely torn up for the floor refinishing….until November 1st!
The living room furniture is all moved to the family room….
The powder room floor will get a much needed floor repair….(Marvin is in charge of THAT!)
So you can see….there isn’t much point in decorating for Halloween!
So the Halloween Decor this year will have to be virtual!
I decided to share some ideas from Halloween Past at Sweetwater!
There are only a few days until the big day….but these things could be done quickly!

Here are some links to free printables with a KEEP CALM theme…..
I used them to decorate some little painted plaques!
But you could just print them out and frame them.
Check out these DYI Knock-off Halloween Spell Books …
This is the link to the tutorial.….worth the time….and you will enjoy them next year too!
Last but not least….this is a link to a great list of Halloween Themed books for kids!
It is a great resource if you are slated to help out at your child’s school celebration….
There is plenty of time to get to the library and check one out!
I imagine that the little trick or treaters will think Sweetwater is really haunted when they look in the window and see the empty living room!
I hope you don’t have to cancel your Halloween Fun!
HMMMM…..BUT… I am still gonna buy some candy…..wonder WHO will eat it!?
Have A Wonderful Day!