Here is a suggestion for a fun way to entertain your friends this Holiday Season!
Why not organize a “Make and Take Holiday Decor Party”?
This will be the 4th year that the staff at school has this party!
They are “letting” me be part of it even though I have retired!
It is always a lot of fun and a great twist on the typical Holiday workplace event!
I love that even the “guys” go home with something to give to a special person in their life! When they present their arrangement….the comment is often……
“You didn’t REALLY make that!”
With all the supplies and collaboration…..people make the most amazing things!

I have also done these gatherings here at Sweetwater!
Last year….
it was how the Sweetwater Daughter celebrated her birthday with her girlfriends.
It was fun for me to be part of that and not have to go to ChuckyCheese 🙂
Sound like fun?
Want the details?
As the organizer….I provide the Greens, Ribbon, Embellishments and DYI supplies! For the work gathering….people contribute money for this.  Through the years, I have accumulated lots of ribbon….floral wire etc.  I start watching at Good Will for berries and floral picks.
Mr. S even gets involved in the preparations!  On his trip to the hunting land this weekend, he cut lots of birch branches and some greenery!
Once Home Depot starts selling Christmas Trees…..they GIVE AWAY the extra greens that are cut off the bottom of the trees…..
SCORE for Sweetwater….we hit the store a couple of times and load up the truck!
Holiday Gatherings are supposed to be about laughter, good cheer and camaraderie!
This kind of party fits all of those requirements!

Let me know if you have any questions about how this works!
Have A Great Day!