copyright Mary Engebreit
There is a Baby Shower at Sweetwater tomorrow!
The Sweetwater Daughter wants the decor to be “Fall” NOT “Baby”!
The shower is also “non-traditional”…
It’s an Open House
 Happy Hour Baby Shower!
 Good idea don’t you think?
I really believe that the money spent on parties should be about refreshments NOT decor!
Face it….the decor is really more about the hostess than the guests!
A party needs to be about the guests!
  I challenged myself to create some thrifty “use what you have” flower arrangements!
November floral arrangements present a bit of a challenge because the garden flowers have fallen victim to the hard frost and it isn’t time for holiday greenery!
 Yesterday I bought one bunch of alstroemeria at Trader Joe’s…..cost a total of $3.99!
THEN…..I put on my mittens and boots and walked around the garden looking for possible additions for the arrangements.



Dried Hydrangea

Wiegelia leaves

Black Eyed Susan seed heads

Pampas Grass

All these made wonderful fill for the arrangements!

I always start by putting the foliage and other fill in first…..

I love the little ceramic pumpkin as a vase.  It is really a candy jar with a lid!

….the flowers are a lot less fattening!

Then I put the flowers in….and believe me….you don’t need many for a nice look!

Here are the two finished floral arrangements!

While I was in the yard…I found a few white mums hiding under the fallen leaves.
The Pachysandra stays green almost all year….I could cut a few sprigs of that!
This combo was perfect fill for the little GoodWill vase sitting next to the ceramic turkey!
 My floral decor for the shower cost a total of $3.99!
I saved so much money….maybe I need to head to Babys R Us!
Have A Great Day!